5 Things That Makes A Good Bill Counting Machine

5 Things That Makes A Good Bill Counting Machine

A bill counting machine is one of the crucial appliances for any business that is dealing with cash. It is a machine that is designed to help automate the process of cash management, which troubles most of the growing companies. But what makes a good bill counting machine? Well, if you are in the business, then you need to know all these factors to buy your business the best machine. Here are some of the crucial factors that make a good bill counting machine:

  1. Counting Speed

The counting speed of the bill counting machine is one of the crucial factors that you need to consider. It is important to understand that the higher the speed of the machine, the faster you can counter cash in the business. Every business has its unique needs, and the same goes for the kind of machines they need. That is why it is important to ensure that you are getting the right speed for your business based on how you want to manage your cash.

  1. Hopper Size and Type

The size of the hopper determines how many times you need to feed the hopper with banknotes. If you are dealing a colossal amount of money, then you need to invest in a bill counting machine with a large hopper so that you don’t keep feeding it with notes now and then. That will make cash counting much easier and less tiresome. You need to check where the hopper is placed and see if it work to make using the machine in your workplace easier. There are also hoppers that can handle less neatly stacked notes.

  1. Can The Machine Batch

The batching features of the money counting machine are also equally important because they make working with these machines easier. You want to invest in a bill counting machine that can automatically strap cash for deposits. So money counting machines with additional features such as a batching and adding are more efficient than the typical counting machine.

  1. Counterfeit Detection

One of the areas where business loses money is through fake bills. When you have been paid with fake money, it means that you have recorded a loss. Therefore, you need to invest in a machine that is capable of detecting fake bills. Some of the key tech you need to look out for include ultraviolet, magnetic detecting amongst others.

  1. Mixed Bill Counting

Check if the can count mixed bill. Such features will help you eliminate counting errors.


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